Thanks for visiting us! We are a couple (and dog!), who are passionate about metalwork. Whether it be traditional forged iron work, handmade jewelry, or a custom knife, we’re excited to share our crafting adventures with you.

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Are you interested in learning how to forge your own knife? Each class is two days, and by the end of it, you will leave with a finished and handled knife that is sharp. Students start with a 6″ piece of high carbon steel, and will spend the first day forging it into a knife, and learning about the heat treatment process. The second day covers the finishing processes and putting a handle on the blade.

Our 2024 class dates have been announced! We will be teaching at the Strand Center for the Arts again this summer. Registration will open on February 1, so check your calendars and see what dates will work for you.

Class Dates

    • April 27-28

    • May 18-19

    • June 22-23

    • July 13-14

    • August 17-18

    • September 21-22

    • October 12-13


Open to Ages 14+, no prior experience necessary. Bring a lunch and plenty of water. Please wear closed toed shoes and long pants. Clothing should be made of natural fibers, as you will be working with open flame. Class runs from 9:30 am-4:00 pm each day.

If you have any questions around our classes or schedule, please send us an email!

Take a look below for some highlights of previous classes.



Handcrafted Jewelry

More information about the jewelry Samantha makes coming soon!


The Dog behind Smiling Dog Forge

Bella is a rescue dog, living in the Adirondacks. She enjoys long walks on the beach, rolling in dead things, and chasing cats. See more of her on her Instagram page.

Samantha Williams

A woman of many talents, Samantha started her metalworking career at a young age, making wire jewelry. During her time at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, she was introduced to blacksmithing and immediately was hooked. When not in the forge, you can find her rocking out to Queen, or diving deep into Medieval European History. She is also the Director of the Kent-Delord House Museum in Plattsburgh, NY.

Tom Larsen

At the tender age of 13, Tom was turned loose in the forge at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, and managed to neither burn the building down, nor do irreparable damage to himself. Having always been interested in arms and armor, he quickly focused on making blades and hasn’t looked back.




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