Knife Care

You’re likely arriving at this page after purchasing one of our knives, or taking one of our classes. THANK YOU! We truly appreciate your business, and hope that you’re excited about your new blade.

Care and Feeding Instructions

All of our knives are currently made out of high carbon, non-stainless steel. This means they will oxidize if they are not taken care of. To keep your knife happy and healthy, make sure to keep it clean and dry. After use, hand wash it with warm water and regular soap, and immediately dry it off with a paper towel or cloth. Even when doing this religiously, you will see the color of the steel start to change after time. This is normal, and part of the patina that will develop on your blade.

DO NOT PUT YOUR KNIFE IN THE DISHWASHER. This can harm the wood of the handle, the glue used in the construction, as well have the blade thrown about into other silverware and cause the edge to become worn.

Roughly once or twice a month, give your knife a thorough washing, and when you’re finished, put a light coat of your favorite food safe oil over the whole thing. Olive oil, vegetable oil, or mineral oil are all good choices. This is to help minimize surface rust on the blade, and any potential movement of the wood on the handle.

Take care of the edge of the blade – store the knife either in a sheath, or in a place where it will not get jostled against anything hard. For use in the kitchen, magnetic knife racks work great, and also let you show off the blade at the same time.

Keep your knife sharp, and we hope it gets plenty of use!